When In Doubt, Post Food Pictures

I've been falling behind on posting so I thought I'd do what always works in a pinch: post pictures of what I've eaten.

Now, when you think of sushi, what city do you think of? Los Angeles, maybe? What, you don't think of San Antonio? Yeah, me neither. But the concierge at the hotel swore this place was great so off we went, following GPS directions in the Hertz rental car — what we refer to as the "Always Lost" system. (If you haven't tried one of the Hertz GPS things, don't. Just bring your own Garmin. Or, God forbid, use a map. Trust me, you'll get there quicker.)

Anyhow, the restaurant, Wasabi, turned out to be excellent: a nice place, extensive menu, friendly staff, and not stupidly expensive like some other sushi places. All in all, it was a wonderful meal and the four of us left completely stuffed. Unfortunately, in every people picture I shot, I always caught someone cramming a gigantic piece of food into his or her mouth — not the most photogenic of looks — and I thought better of posting them.