Driving Time Lapse

Lately I've been playing with using a Canon TC-80N3 intervalometer on my Canon 5D to create time lapse video. This generates a bazillion (+/- a few, depending on the settings) images which I can then string together in After Effects. This past Monday, I had a lunch meeting across town and I decided to shoot the drive. This involved cramming my large tripod (I really need a smaller one) into and over the console of my car, attaching the camera to the tripod, and letting the intervalometer fire one frame every second (which makes for a really annoying soundtrack of click/whir noises firing right next to my right ear.)

Still, the results — while certainly not earth-shattering — are fun to watch.

Next up: Night time driving. Someday maybe I'll even expand my horizons to incude clouds passing by and flowers opening. :-)

Update: If the video doesn't work on your Android tablet, click here to watch it on YouTube.

Statue of Liberty

Of course: I've never had time to visit the Statue of Liberty until this past Thursday. Unfortunately, the Statue closed on Tuesday for TWO YEARS for renovations. Figures. However, the island is still open; you can walk around, take pictures, eat at the (surprisingly good) cafe, and visit the obligatory gift shop. And, yes, it's still well worth the visit, even if you can't go into the museum or climb up to the crown.