In my professional life, I design things and I talk for a living. I spend most of my working time designing and producing large business conferences and live events. These are usually a lot like television awards shows you've seen except: a) the stuff I work on isn't being broadcast, or broadcast to the public, anyway, and b) there are usually no celebrities, just corporate people talking about corporate things. I end up working on videos and large screen projection graphics, signage, sets, and so on. More on that can be found here. I'm also a voice actor/voiceoverist. Much of the voice work I do is narration: e-learning, training videos, web videos, application walk-throughs and such. There's a link in the menu above for more information on that, or click here. In past lives, I've been a major market disc jockey, a commercial photographer, and an agency art director. In my spare time, I like to ride my bike and hang out with my family at a beach. Aside from traveling way too much for work, I split my time between St. Louis, Missouri and Northport, Michigan.

This blog was an attempt to pull together into one place my old photoblog, started around 2004, and a bunch of later posts on Posterous (an early Tumblr competitor that is long dead). I was slowly working my way through the old stuff, trying to get the pictures to show up properly, but I think I've given up on that. Now it just serves as a place to occasionally post images that I shoot.