Life in Suburbia: Symbols

mall_symbol.jpg I spent four hours today wandering around a local mall while waiting for Sears to get new tires installed on my car. Can I tell you how boring a mall gets after just two hours? Even with a Border's and a Best Buy, there's only so much window-shopping any one guy can do. Having four hours to kill did give me time to walk the entire circumference of the mall shooting pictures. Last week I bought a tiny little Sony DSC-P200 as a "carry anywhere" pocket camera — a 7.2 megapixel pocket camera, that is — to replace my old and now lost Canon S330. So far, I'm very happy with it. Much faster focusing and general operation than the old Canon. Anyhow, I had the Sony with me today, shoved in my pocket. Somehow I managed to shoot 40 pictures of the exterior of the mall without getting hassled by the mall security guy driving around in his little golf-cart-thing. He did keep looking at me like I was a waiting terrorist but, as he never saw me with the camera, never stopped. The photo is of the gates hiding a dumpster — dumpster #2, I suppose.