Christmas – In February?

This time of year, from the beginning of January through the end of May, is far and away the busiest time for me at work. Travel is pretty constant, work hours are long, and days off are rare. I'm not complaining! I'm just making lame excuses for not getting around to posting images from Christmas until now. We have a tradition of getting together at my wife's parent's house, along with her sisters and their families, late in the afternoon on Christmas Day. This gives everyone a chance to spend most of the day at home with their kids before having to pack the car and go anywhere. In past years, this get-together was a Christmas present extravaganza for all the grandkids: Mountains of packages from Grandma and Grandpa that became mountains of toys and discarded wrapping paper. Now that they're older, though, things are a bit more subdued but we still have a good time. This year we also did a "white elephant" gift exchange plus everybody brought their dogs (there were five of 'em running around.)