The End of Fall

Though it's technically not correct, I always view Fall as beginning on Labor Day (the first Monday of September) and ending today, Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November). For those outside the U.S., Thanksgiving is a national holiday in which we're supposed to give thanks for everything that's good in our lives. In practical terms, it's when families get together and, by tradition, eat more in a single meal than a normal person needs in three days. Thanksgiving = "Eat too much; watch football." To celebrate the end of the season, I thought I'd post these from the beginning of the season when we drove into southern Illinois to pick apples. I can't remember how many pounds of apples we came out with but even with their "buy one lb., get another lb. free" pricing that weekend we still spent $40. But it's a lot of fun and we try to go every year.

Shot on a Lumix LX5, processed with VSCO in Lightroom 4.