The Crap on my Desk

desk_crap.jpg All I can think to myself is, "Boy, what a loser you are, resorting to shooting the crap on your desk because you work too friggin' much and never leave the damned computer!" One of the benefits of working from home is never really having to leave home. Well, there are meetings to go to occasionally, and quite a lot of travel since most of my clients are out of town. But, still, 70% of my work is here at home, and that has a downside: during really busy times, like now, work closes in and I spend 16 hours a day at the computer. It sucks but it pays well so I don't complain much. Meanwhile, the photo subjects around here have mostly been exhausted. And the photographer is kind of exhausted, too. So here's today's entry: the crap on my desk. I should point out that I've got a great big desk, and this is only some of the crap. Really, there's quite a bit more. With luck, I won't have to resort to shooting other sections of the crap. I've really gotta get out more... :)