So THAT'S Bok Choy?


This photo might be useful to you someday in the unlikely event that your wife/husband/partner sends you to the grocery store with bok choy on the list.

Me (on cell phone): "Uhhh, I can't read your writing. It looks like book-something-or-other."

Her: "That's 'bok choy.'"

Me: "Bok what?"

Her: "Bok choy."

Me: "Huh? What the hell's THAT?"

Her: "It's kind of like Asian lettuce." (I later learn it's actually a kind of cabbage but it looks like weird Romaine lettuce.)

Me: "Oh, boy. This should be fun."

Thanks to the Dierberg's produce manager who helped me find this and lemongrass (which, by the way, is much less photogenic than bok choy.)