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Miami Music Fest

Before I head out of town again tomorrow, I thought I'd get the rest of the Miami photos uploaded. All in all, it wasn't a (photographically) productive trip — there are a couple of okay shots but definitely nothing portfolio-worthy. It was, however, sunny and there was a beach so I can't complain. The shot above was from the last night of Miami Music Week. If you're into electronic dance music, Miami was the place to be that week. At our hotel, the Fontainebleau, there were performances by David Guetta, Deadmau5, and (pictured) Steve Angello plus a whole bunch of smaller acts. And there were other shows every night up and down South Beach, and across the bay in Miami proper. When you combine Music Week with Spring Break at South Beach, it was a great time for people watching, especially of what the girls weren't wearing.

[pullquote author="Pretty Much Every Straight Guy Who Wasn't Blind"]"Holy crap! Did you see THAT??!??!"[/pullquote]

The idle rich/jetset crowd was out in force which added to the fun. After Music Week ended, all of South Beach seemed... I dunno, kind of sedate, I guess.

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