I've been traveling for the better part of the past month and, in my mind, I still think it's the beginning of February — in other words, winter, wimpy though it was this year. So I was extremely surprised when Jeanie stepped out the back door this morning, returning a couple minutes later with a handful of fresh flowers she'd cut from the garden. Flowers? FLOWERS? Shouldn't it still be snowy and icy? I shot this on a new point & shoot camera, the Panasonic DMC-LX5, that I bought last week. I've become a real fan of Panasonic's small cameras — they're well-built, reasonably quick, have excellent image stabilization, and fast Leica lenses. I've wanted the LX5 for a while — it's got a f/2.0 lens and shoots RAW images — but couldn't justify the cost. But the price has dropped recently, rebates have been added, and I had some American Express reward points to put towards it, so it was pretty affordable..

I processed and posted this completely from the iPad: RAW image imported via the Camera Connection Kit adapter, processed with Snapseed, and posted with the Wordpress iPad app.