Green Leafy Stuff


My wife has become a suburban farmer. You'd have to know her to understand how truly improbable this is. She's definitely not the girl you'd have picked in high school as "Most Likely to Grow a Bumper Crop of Tomatoes." But farm, she has, and rather successfully – on a very, very small scale, anyway. One of her crops this year was kale. What is kale, you ask? I really don't know but it's supposed to be good for you. As the title above suggests, it's green leafy stuff but what you normally do with it?  Good question.

My wife didn't know what to do with it either but found a recipe on the internet for "Baked Kale Chips" and decided to give it a try. It's pretty easy: You throw the kale on a cookie sheet, add a bit of salt, and bake until it looks all dried up and wilted. As bizarre as it looks, imagine my surprise that it was actually really tasty!

But, yes, it's still pretty weird to sit and munch on dried up leaves.