Driving Time Lapse

Lately I've been playing with using a Canon TC-80N3 intervalometer on my Canon 5D to create time lapse video. This generates a bazillion (+/- a few, depending on the settings) images which I can then string together in After Effects. This past Monday, I had a lunch meeting across town and I decided to shoot the drive. This involved cramming my large tripod (I really need a smaller one) into and over the console of my car, attaching the camera to the tripod, and letting the intervalometer fire one frame every second (which makes for a really annoying soundtrack of click/whir noises firing right next to my right ear.)

Still, the results — while certainly not earth-shattering — are fun to watch.

Next up: Night time driving. Someday maybe I'll even expand my horizons to incude clouds passing by and flowers opening. :-)

Update: If the video doesn't work on your Android tablet, click here to watch it on YouTube.